Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds
Proving Grounds
Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds 
Robert Bosch LLC operates three automotive proving grounds locations in the United States. These test facilities serve the needs of both internal and external customers, offering a wide range of capabilities and services. 
Baudette, Minnesota Test Facility

  • Low friction test surfaces, traction grades, heated garage facilities 
  • Cold weather testing
  • ABS, traction control and ESP development

Flat Rock, Michigan Test Facility

  • ABS, ESP, TCS surfaces, large vehicle dynamics area, TCS hills, EMI area and various specialized surfaces
  • Garage and office facilities including hoists and conference rooms
  • ABS, traction control and ESP development

New Carlisle, Indiana Test Facility

  • Three mile oval, durability events, skid pad, grades and off road
  • Hydraulic and air brake system testing per government regulations (FVMSS/TSD/SAE)
  • Accelerated structural and powertrain durability testing and mileage accumulation
  • Custom machining, load cell fabrication and strain gage installation
  • Noise pass-by testing, fuel economy evaluation and roof crush testing
  • On-site and off-site vehicle testing and computerized data acquisition services
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