Palo Alto, CA
Pittsburgh, PA
Cambridge, MA
Engine Controls Internship 
Number of Openings: 1
Degree Level: Master's or Ph.D.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Duration: 3-6 months
Expected Start Date: Summer 2014

The Bosch Research and Technology Center, Palo Alto is looking for a highly motivated intern to work on model-development and validation of advanced combustion engine technologies. The candidate will join a team of experienced researchers working on modeling and control of advanced combustion engines.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Developing control-oriented models for advanced combustion strategies such as spark-assisted compression ignition (SACI)
  • Designing model based controllers for transient control of advanced combustion, as well as for transitions between different combustion modes such as SI, SACI and HCCI (homogenous charge compression ignition)
  • Developing supervisory control strategies for multi-mode combustion engines for transient operation
  • Designing appropriate experiments for parameterizing and validating the model and controller with real data
  • Conduct experiments on an engine testbed to perform steady-state and dynamic validation of the models and controllers

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Currently pursuing a Masters or Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering
  • Strong background in control systems theory and modeling for control
  • Background in physics-based modeling of thermodynamic systems, especially IC engines
  • High degree of comfort with Matlab and Simulink, familiar with best practices for coding
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as within a team environment
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