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Autonomous Driving Research Intern 
The Autonomous Driving Team ( of the Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto is looking for highly motivated interns with a strong desire for solving complex and interesting problems. We are hiring research and software engineering interns with a broad set of skills who are ready to tackle some of robotics’ greatest challenges while making an impact on real products. You will join a team of experienced researchers pushing autonomous driving technology development and research at Bosch with the goal of creating viable solutions for growing international market needs.

We offer intern projects for a variety of topics, including ROS software development, perception, sensor fusion, planning, physics/traffic simulation and computer vision. Below are some examples of the diverse projects with which you might be involved:

  • Perception: Topics in sensor calibration, on-line monitoring to detect out-of-calibration sensors, turn signal detection, classification, etc. 
  • Deep learning: Topics in computer vision (traffic light, vehicle turn signal, road surface detection) and prediction (vehicle trajectories, driver intent, situation analysis)
  • Localization: Improving vehicle localization in GPS-limited environments, e.g. using visual localization and tight GPS/IMU coupling.
  • Prediction: Improving behavioral prediction of traffic participants, e.g. through learning traffic behavior patterns from data, or by incorporating turn signal information.  
  • Planning: Automated behavior testing via traffic scenario generation and modeling in simulation, etc.

Skills / Job Requirements

  • Currently pursuing a Master’s or Ph.D. in Computer Science, Robotics or another relevant discipline. 
  • Proven experience developing software using C++
  • Knowledge of Linux and development on Linux systems, or familiarity with Windows and Windows VS 2010 development  
  • Experience with Python, ROS, and/or robotics simulation environments a plus
  • Ability to work independently as well as within a highly motivated team environment
  • Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver on challenging software development tasks.
  • Ability to take direction, but still be self-driven and comfortable communicating ideas and points of view

Required Application Materials

  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV  
  • If possible, two references and/or letters of recommendation
  • Please indicate desired internship time frame  
  • A portfolio of previous work for discussion
  • Code sample

Start Date: September 2015 
Location: Palo Alto, CA USA

About the Bosch Research and Technology Center

The Bosch Research and Technology Center North America ( with offices in Palo Alto, California, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Cambridge, Massachusetts is part of the global Bosch Group ( The Research and Technology Center North America is committed to providing technologies and system solutions for various Bosch business fields primarily in the areas of sensors, circuit design, wireless solutions, energy materials and technologies, complex simulations, software engineering, human machine interface design, car infotainment, web technologies and autonomous systems such as robotics. In all areas we work in close collaboration with leading US universities, leading-edge industry partners, and other worldwide Bosch research, development, and marketing units.

About Autonomous Driving at the Bosch Research and Technology Center

The Autonomous Technologies Group at the Bosch Research and Technology Center performs research in the area of future driver assistance and autonomous driving as well as personal/service robotics. We have participated in the DARPA Grand and Urban Challenges as part of the Stanford Racing Team as well as Team AnnieWAY. We have collaborated with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab’s Autonomous Driving Team since 2007. We now are working on future systems for automated vehicles to make driving safer and more convenient. Be part of an exciting team at Bosch, the number one automotive supplier in the world, and help create future vehicle automation systems! Number of Openings: 3 Degree Level: Bachelor, Master, PhD Major(s): Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related fields

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