Automotive Technology
Automotive Aftermarket 
Within the Automotive Technology Business Sector, the Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for the supply, sales and logistics of automotive parts for service of the vehicle. They also manage the Diagnostics including workshop equipment, such as testers, technical information, training and consulting. 
In the U.S., the Automotive Aftermarket Division is responsible for conveying the Bosch product excellence and quality message from the manufacturing line to the checkout line. Whether the customer is a distributor, national retailer, an independent specialist, repair shop or a do-it-yourself consumer, Bosch supplies high-performance auto parts to keep vehicles running at peak performance.

Bosch automotive aftermarket products include spark plugs, spark plug wire sets, oxygen sensors, ignition parts, oil, air and fuel filters, wiper blades, brake pads and rotors, starters and alternators.
Bosch headquarters for the U.S. Automotive Aftermarket Division is in Broadview, Illinois.

Areas of operation

  • Worldwide supply of replacement parts and information on Bosch products and systems
  • Worldwide sales of workshop and vehicle accessories
  • Worldwide customer service for Bosch products
You can contact us here:
Robert Bosch LLC
2800 S. 25th Avenue
Broadview, IL 60155
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