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International and Culturally Diverse
Bosch is an international and globally active corporation.  Our associates come from an extremely wide range of countries.  We develop and produce our products in roughly 50 countries - supply markets in nearly 150 countries.  Our employees can work in an international atmosphere at exciting locations throughout the world, discover foreign cultures, gather new experiences and learn firsthand how a global player operates.  This diversity is an ideal chance for the corporation and its associates alike to learn from other cultures and benefit from the wealth of perspectives and ideas.

More than Automotive
Though recognized as one of the world's leading premier automotive suppliers, Bosch is also a global leader in industrial and building technology, packaging products, and consumer goods.  We are committed to developing high-quality technologies that make our lives - in the car, at home, and in the workplace - more efficient, safer, and comfortable.  To learn more about Bosch's Corporate Divisions, select the menu option on the upper right hand side.

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