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Bosch in the USA – The Archive
Divar firmware upgrade improves performance

Bosch Security Systems, a full-line manufacturer of high-quality security systems and components, recently released version 2.15 firmware and its Control Center PC software for Bosch Divar Digital Video Recorders.  This free upgrade is available from the Bosch Web site.  The company strongly recommends that customers upgrade their Divar units with this new firmware to achieve the best possible functionality, compatibility, and performance.  New features include:

Improved Hard Drive Management
A new disk management algorithm improves hard drive reliability and extends the lifespan.

Bilinx Camera Input Alarms
Divar Bilinx models now support handling alarm inputs from Bilinx-enabled cameras.  This support is limited to the first input on the input alarm connector of a Bilinx-enabled Dinion or AutoDome Camera.

Network Time Protocol (NTP) Synchronization
Customers can now synchronize a Divar with an NTP time server.  All Divar models now support both the time synchronization via the ICMP (RFC792) – and software versions 2.15 and up also support Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) synchronization.

To download version 2.15 firmware and all new user manuals, data sheets, and PC software, use the link in the sidebar at right.
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