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Bosch in the USA – The Archive
Bosch ICON™ wiper blades
The latest in original equipment wiper technology for the aftermarket 

Bosch ICON™ wiper blades
Bosch ICON™ wiper blades
Bosch, the largest OE supplier of bracketless wiper blades is launching an exciting new aftermarket program of ultra performance, bracketless windshield wiper blades. Called Bosch ICON™, the blade features a unique bracketless design with dual rubber technology, an exclusive weather shield connector system, and integrated aerodynamic wind spoiler. The enclosed steel tension springs greatly reduce the amount of exposed steel brackets and joints, providing improved resistance to snow and ice build-up for perfect driving visibility, even in the worst weather conditions.

The integrated wind spoiler encloses the dual precision-tensioned steel springs. Air flow over the wind spoiler creates down-force, applying exceptional uniform pressure along the entire length of the dual rubber wiping element, evenly hugging the windshield at highway speeds or in severe winds. This combination of the bracketless product design, internal tension springs and wind spoiler allows the blade to hug the windshield and wipe smoothly, evenly and quietly for a perfect wipe every time. Plus ICON’s exclusive fx dual-rubber compound provides a 20% longer performance life over the best selling ultra premium Bosch Micro Edge Excel blade.

The innovative design of Bosch ICON™ delivers OE bracketless blade performance by conforming to the curvature of the windshield for perfect wiping from top to bottom and from side to side with no missed spots or streaks. “The ICON windshield wiper blade will forever improve driver visibility in mist, drizzle, heavy rain, and snow,” said Martin Kashnowski, Director of Product Management, Consumer Products, for Bosch. “Called ICON, this advanced OE technology wiper blade provides motorists with a dramatic improvement in all-season, all weather wiping performance.”

Based on established OE technology
Based On Established OE Technology
“Bosch ICON™ wiper blades represent the most advanced wiper blade technology. ICON’s design is based on Bosch’s OE Aerotwin bracketless wiper blade – the recipient of three industry awards, including the Automotive News 2002 PACE award. With over 33 million OE bracketless blades placed into service in Europe and North America, Bosch ICON™ brings the same proven wiping performance to the aftermarket,” said Martin Kashnowski, Director of Product Management, Consumer Products, for Bosch.

The Bosch ICON™ program is specifically designed for the U.S. and Canadian aftermarket. “And,” added Kashnowski, “Bosch ICON™ provides the opportunity for retailers, wholesalers and installers to improve value to consumers, while optimizing market sales and profitability through improved placement in the ultra performance and ultra premium wiper blade categories.”

“Bracketless wiper technology is definitely the way of the future, with 35% of new European vehicles currently OE equipped and an estimated 40% U.S. domestic OE penetration by 2010,” said Kashnowski.

 “By eliminating the conventional external steel frame, we have vastly improved the blade’s ability to evenly hug the curvature of today’s aerodynamically shaped windshields. Enclosing the tension springs also reduces the chance of snow and ice build-up, to ensure superior winter performance. It’s another example of how Bosch products and technology deliver true value to the driving consumer and at the same time provide excellent growth opportunities for our partners in the aftermarket,” noted Kashnowski.

Bosch developed first electric wiper system
Bosch Developed First Electric Wiper System
A pioneer and innovator in automotive technology, Bosch has been a leader in windshield wiper systems for more than 75 years. Bosch developed the first electric windshield wiper system in 1926, and has been responsible for many new developments in wiper technology, including the first intermittent windshield wiper in 1971 and the two-component wiper blade element in 1994.

Today, Bosch operates the world's largest windshield wiper factory in Tienen, Belgium. This facility produces 350,000 windshield wipers every day, and manufactures 700 different types of blades. In 1999, Bosch introduced the Aerotwin “bracketless” blade for OE applications. Today, Bosch is the largest OE manufacturer of bracketless wiper blades with over 33 million blades placed into service.


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