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Thermador® Liberates Kitchen Design
As a pioneer in the luxury appliance category, Thermador has once again revolutionized kitchen design with the introduction of its ingenious new refrigeration system. Thermador’s groundbreaking and award-winning FreedomTM Collection features the industry’s first fully integrated, Truly Flush MountedTM and counter-depth modular fresh food and freezer columns that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen. Finally, designers, builders and consumers have the total Freedom of ChoiceTM in creating the ultimate custom kitchen—instead of designing the entire kitchen around traditional and bulky refrigerator/freezer combinations.  

“As we did with the introduction of the built-in wall oven in the 1950s, Thermador once again sets the standard for the home appliance industry with the new Freedom Collection,” said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO.  “Since the columns act independently of one another, the Freedom Collection ‘Divides and Conquers’ by allowing you to place separate and multiple fresh food, freezer and wine columns just about anywhere in the kitchen.  This results in maximum convenience, flexibility and performance.”

The Freedom Collection features 24” and 30” fresh food columns; 18”, 24” and 30” freezer columns (18” and 24” dispenser freezers debut in October).  Additionally, the industry’s first fully integrated 36” bottom-freezer with two or three doors will be available within the collection.  Unique 18” and (premium and non-premium) 24” wine preservation columns, with see-through glass doors and an interior that can hold up to 100 bottles of both red and white wine in two separate temperature zones, will debut in December 2006. 

Each Freedom column has its own compressor and evaporator to eliminate odor transfer and air exchange between the refrigerator and freezer – sometimes a concern with traditional models – and perfectly regulates the interior temperature with a variance of only 1.5 degrees. 

Combined, this system preserves “market fresh” foods longer.  The collection is available in stainless steel or can be matched to existing kitchen cabinetry for a seamless, fully integrated look. 

“You have the total freedom to design your kitchen any way you want with Thermador’s new column refrigeration,” said Chuck Bryant, refrigeration product manager.  “For example, you can place different sized fresh food and freezer columns side-by-side, or put the fresh food column adjacent to the sink for convenient access to your fruits and vegetables.  The freezer can then go on the opposite side of the kitchen, right next to your oven, for easy thawing and cooking.”

Exclusive features
In addition to the infinite design possibilities, Thermador’s Freedom Collection offers an unrivalled assortment of exclusive features, including:
  • The unique Freedom HingeTM allows all the columns to be fully flush mounted to cabinetry – without sacrificing accessibility to the interior and the full extension drawers.  In fact, the hinge opens the column doors up to an amazing 115 degrees.  It can also accommodate a variety of custom panels up to 220 pounds in total door weight.

  • No longer will you have to unload a shelf to gain extra interior space.  The fresh food column’s motorized Liberty ShelfTM conveniently moves a fully loaded shelf of up to 22 pounds with the simple touch of a button.  Also available on bottom-freezer models.

  • The FreeFlowTM Air System (fresh food column) results in superior temperature regulation and air distribution that helps keep “market fresh” foods longer.  Cool air continually travels the length of the column door, ensuring that these items are just as cold as those on the interior shelves.  A carbon air filter also absorbs any unwanted odors for fresher and more hygienic food storage.

  • The freezer’s FreeFlowTM Ice System regularly rotates the filtered ice in the icemaker to avoid clumping, while the UltraClarityTM Water Filter dispenses crystal fresh ice and water.  The external dispenser also features an exclusive pull-down flip tray that accommodates pitcher-size containers to facilitate bulk amounts of ice or water.

  • The Luminous Light SystemTM features bright halogen light towers and spotlights that fully illuminate foods, so everything can be clearly seen while creating a beautiful interior look.

Rounding out these industry exclusives are a number of additional performance features, including a convenient digital display that allows for precise temperature adjustments; multiple specially-insulated compartments that keep delicate and perishable foods fresher, longer; and an adjustable toe-kick that can range in height between 4-8 inches.  Overall, all these great features combined have led to the Freedom Collection being awarded a prestigious American Kitchen and Bath Award in Home Magazine’s 2006 program. 

The entire Freedom Collection is ENERGY STAR® rated and is among the quietest refrigeration units in the built-in category.  Models will be available with an MSRP of $2,899-$6,999; wine columns have an MSRP of $3,699-5,999. 


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