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Bosch in the USA

Bosch in the USA – The Archive
New ProTankless™ water heater with Tankless Link™
The hottest innovation from the water heating division of Bosch is the Tankless Link™ accessory. It is all that is needed to double the output of hot water from the new cleverly-designed Bosch ProTankless™ Models GWH 635 ES and GWH 635 ESO water heaters. 


This new generation of ProTankless water heaters will provide an endless supply of hot water at a luxurious flow rate of over 12 gallons per minute when installed together and connected by the Tankless Link. The Tankless Link cascading kit consists of a cable and a shunt – it is incredibly easy to install. A cascading application, as it is known in the tankless water heating industry, allows for multiple appliances to be connected in parallel.

One of the water heaters serves as the primary appliance and will attempt to meet the hot water demand being requested. If this demand is beyond the capacity of the single appliance, an electronic signal is sent to the secondary appliance to ignite and the request for additional hot water is met by the combined flow of the two water heaters.

Bosch Water Heating pioneered tankless water heating in the U.S. and has a complete product line to meet the hot water needs of most homes and businesses. Bosch also provides the longest warranty in the industry – 15 years.

Celebrate with us!
Bosch products are also featured on the Bosch centennial Web site. Download fun eCards and a screensaver, and peruse the history of Bosch in the U.S.
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