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Bosch in the USA

Bosch in the USA – The Archive
Bosch brings innovation, green technology to SAE 2009 World Congress
Bosch will display its automotive expertise as the Tier 1 Strategic Partner to the SAE 2009 World Congress, April 20 through April 23, 2009, at Cobo Center in Detroit. 


Bosch is participating in panel discussions, providing numerous technical programs, partaking in the Earth Day Green Ride-n-Drive event and exhibiting in the main showroom. Additionally, for the fourth consecutive year, Bosch will sponsor the show's final event, the banquet afterglow, which brings together industry leaders.

"As the Tier 1 Strategic Partner, we are proud to support Honda as the host company, SAE International and the industry, in continuing the dialogue on green mobility, and fostering collaboration to bring new technologies to the market," said Peter Marks, chairman, president and CEO, Robert Bosch LLC. "SAE 2009 World Congress is a great venue for Bosch to share our expertise and highlight our commitment to providing innovative and quality technologies that help protect the environment, reduce energy consumption and emissions."

A variety of Bosch technologies will be on display at its exhibit, booth number 1236, on the SAE 2009 World Congress show floor. The exhibit will also feature a start/stop simulator and an exhaust aftertreatment demonstration.

The start/stop simulator demonstrates the system's ability to shut off the engine when a car is stationary, such as in a traffic jam or at a red light. Bosch's specially adapted starter, the Smart Starter Motor, starts again when the driver is prepared to go. The technology reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

Bosch's diesel exhaust aftertreatment display gives SAE attendees an inside look at emissions management technology making new clean diesel passenger vehicles compliant with regulation in all 50 states. Being shown for the first time in North America, the new exhibit follows exhaust through the various stages of management, including the Selective Catalytic Reduction system for the mitigation of NOx emissions.

In its 76th year, the SAE 2009 World Congress continues to bring together the global automotive engineering community and industry leaders to interact and collaborate, sharing their knowledge and creativity. It offers the most comprehensive engineering-focused information to the industry.

To see Bosch's latest innovations on display, visit the company's booth in the center of the showroom floor next to the Honda exhibit during the SAE 2009 World Congress.

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