Bosch Energy Research Network
About the Internship Program 

If you are excited about creating future technologies, if you care about the environment and solving the world’s energy problem, if you dream of changing the world, we need you on our team!

Bosch Energy Research Network offers a wide variety of energy-related internships in multiple disciplines and locations for enrolled students in engineering, computer science and businss majors at both graduate and undergraduate levels.  energy internships are currently open to students from the following universities: Caltech, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, Univ. of Michigan, Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Michigan State Univ., Ohio State University, Purdue, Georgia Tech, Univ. of South Carolina, Carnegie Mellon, Clemson and Indiana University.   The Bosch Research and Technology Center offers internships that are open to all university students. For more information about these internships, please visit




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