Bosch Energy Research Network Grant Program
Grant Program
White Paper Application 
A white paper should include the following documents:
  1. Title page.  This page should include the title of the project, the name(s) of the principal investigator(s) involved and his/her institution(s), the amount of funding requested to achieve the technical goals, and an abstract of no more than 250 words.
  2. A technical description of the idea, its impact on the energy sector if successful, and a brief description of the steps to be taken in the project. The document should be single spaced, with one inch margins and a font size no less than 11 points.  The length of this document should not exceed three pages. The page limit includes figures and tables, but does not include references, title page, or curriculum vitae(s).
  3. Curriculum vitae(s) of the principal investigator(s) on the project and of other principal researchers involved, if any.
  4. A completed version of the attached optional internal release form.

Please submit a single PDF with documents in the order above to by close of business September 9, 2016.

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