Bosch Energy Research Network Grant Program
Grant Program
Full Application 
The full application should include the following documents:
  1. Title page.  The content guidelines are the same as for the white paper. The title page can be identical to that submitted for the white paper or modified if desired.
  2. Technical description of the idea, its impact on the energy sector if successful, and a description of the steps to be taken in the project.  This document should provide more detail than the white paper, and include references and supplemental material as appropriate. In particular, the technical description should include background, the physical principles behind the idea, and how the proposed technology could work.  The section on impact should describe which areas of the energy sector will be affected and the magnitude of the impact (e.g., a proposal on a new lighting technology should state how much energy might be saved if the technology were widely deployed in applications for which it is suitable).  Scalability of the proposed technology should also be discussed in this section. Finally, the project plan description should discuss in detail the approaches to be taken to implement the idea, the expected risks and potential ways these risks will be addressed.  The document should be single-spaced, with 1-inch margins and a font size of no less than 11 points. The length of the document should not exceed 10 pages. The page limit includes figures and tables, but does not include references, title page, milestones, and budget.
  3. Milestones.  This page should summarize in the form of a table or figure the expected major project milestones and their anticipated dates of completion.  Milestones should be well-defined.
  4. Budget.  This page should summarize in the form of a table or figure how the funding received through the Bosch Research Energy Network program will be spent.  A budget should be submitted for two years only; budgeting for a possible third-year extension will be discussed at the end of the first two years.
    Also, please note that the Bosch Energy Research Network Grant Program is intended to sponsor only faculty and students at universities. As such, no funding can be provided to staff at institutions other than universities (e.g., national laboratories). This restriction does not apply to any matching funds provided by a university.

If invited, please submit a single PDF with documents in the order above to by November 18, 2016

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