Bosch Energy Research Network Grant Program
Grant Program
Expectations for Those Receiving Funding 
Following are a list of expectations for those receiving funding through this program:
  1. Awardees should pursue cutting-edge and transformative energy research with funding received from the Bosch Energy Research Network. We expect ideas to be capable of being brought to market and scaled up within 7-15 years. This funding program is aimed at high-risk, high-reward projects rather than incremental improvements to existing technologies.
  2. Results should be communicated in the form of publications in top research journals and presentations at conferences. Bosch would like each recipient to acknowledge Bosch and Bosch Energy Research Network as a source of funding on their research website, in research publications, and in communications on the results of BERN-funded work.  For example, the following statement could be included: “This research received financial support from Robert Bosch LLC through its Bosch Energy Research Network funding program.”  Bosch should be notified of each public communication.
  3. Official project status updates to Bosch should be delivered twice per year, in the form of a research report.  Feedback to the authors on the report contents will be provided by Bosch researchers.  Specific report due dates will be established at the start of the funding period.
  4. Interaction, cooperation and collaboration between individual BERN grant teams and Bosch researchers is encouraged, but is not mandatory. Award recipients should communicate promptly with Bosch staff on major events in the duration of the grant: research breakthroughs or major technical or project management obstacles. Communication of technical obstacles will not jeopardize funding for the duration of the grant, as the researchers will have the necessary freedom to pursue the technically challenging problems. Communication and cooperation can assist in building a longer-term relationship, if the successful applicants choose to do so.
  5.  Filing patents is encouraged within the framework of the intellectual property agreement that will be established at the beginning of the project.
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