Bosch Research and Technology Center North America
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The Bosch Research and Technology Center North America 
In 1999, Bosch established its North American Research operation:  The Research and Technology Center North America (RTC) has today offices in Palo Alto, CA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Cambridge, MA.  
The Bosch Research and Technology Center focuses on the following topics:

  • ASIC design and MEMS technology
  • Energy conversion and energy storage technologies, modeling simulation and controls
  • Wireless Technologies
  • Internet Technologies
  • Algorithms for Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Data Mining
  • User Interaction Technologies

We are committed to providing technologies and systems for Bosch's business fields toward:

  • Automotive applications (such as combustion technology, electrical vehicle technologies, automotive sensors, car multimedia)
  • Industrial applications( such as security systems technologies, robotics, smart building technologies)
  • Consumer goods (such as consumer electronics solutions, power tool applications)


These are all areas that are currently under exploration by Bosch research engineers in close collaboration with our partners at leading US universities, industry partners, and other worldwide Bosch units.
Year of foundation: 1999
Locations: 3
How to reach us
Robert Bosch LLC
Research and Technology Center
North America

4009 Miranda Avenue, 2nd Floor
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Telephone: +1 650-320-2900
Lobby: +1 650-852-2266

2555 Smallman Street
3rd Floor, Suite 301
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

255 Main St., Suite 404
Cambridge, MA 02142
Fax: +1 617-252-0044
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