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Bosch in the USA
Why Bosch

Walk the talk

Wherever you are — our team spirit is with you.

Walk the talk

At Bosch, we live by a very strong team spirit everyday. Our distinctive corporate culture is a common bond that connects our associates all around the world and that fosters mutual respect. In our daily work, we encourage each other to strengthen our bond even more which helps us to develop innovative solutions together.

With our team spirit we carry forward the heritage of our companies’ founder. When Robert Bosch founded his company more than 130 years ago, he established a culture based on values of mutual respect, fairness, openness, trust, responsibility, future and result focus. We are proud to be part of this culture. A culture, you still feel in every corner of our company.

Walk the talk

This is what we stand for

Why work for Bosch? Here’s why! Discover your eight reasons to work for us.

  1. Make your mark
  2. Shape tomorrow's world
  3. Find your place
  4. Balance your life

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