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Bosch in the USA
Why Bosch

Shape tomorrow’s world

The future offers many opportunities. Be among the first to take advantage of them.

Shape tomorrow’s world

Are you passionate about the latest global megatrends and technical developments? Constantly thinking about what comes next? Join us in turning your visions of the future into reality.

We’ve been working on the technology of the future for more than 130 years. As a result, our associates are consistently tackling challenges in exciting fields – taking an active role in helping shape the future. Global developments – such as digitalization – bear growing industries that offer the penitential for new technologies and solutions. Solutions, that we are about to create.

Our influence and inventiveness is founded on our economic independence, as well as our global network, which encompasses a vast variety of talent and ideas.

You can become part of that global network and truly become a designer of your very own vision of the future.

Shape tomorrow's world
By the year


cars will be capable of automated driving on highways.
That’s why Bosch has 2,500 engineers worldwide working on driver assistance and automated driving technology.

This is what we stand for

Why work for Bosch? Here’s why! Discover your eight reasons to work for us.

  1. Make your mark
  2. Shape tomorrow's world
  3. Find your place
  4. Balance your life

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