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Bosch in the USA
Why Bosch

Balance your life

Make your job match your lifestyle. We provide you with individual support.

Balance your life

At Bosch, there is more to life than just work. We support you in finding a healthy balance between your job and your personal life. We understand there are non-work related priorities that may take your attention away from work: whether that may be a family event, hobby, time abroad, community event, or further education – together we will find the perfect fit for you.

We believe ideas can happen anywhere and that performance counts more towards the company’s goals than physical presence. Bosch offers you various flexible working models including telecommuting, job-sharing, part-time jobs and much more.

Balance your life

Understanding our flexible work models

We have lots of ways to make your working hours more flexible. After all, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Together we’ll tailor a schedule to suit your needs and ours.

Flexitime – fitting it all in

With flexitime, the choice is yours: you could, for instance, start later and finish later or clock in early to leave early. If you have to work overtime, you can reclaim those hours as needed. That way, personal appointments can easily be slotted into the working day.

Part time, smart time

Part-time work at Bosch comes in many forms, from reductions in daily, weekly and monthly hours to job sharing. With us, you can define your workload individually. Of course, as a part-time associate, you’re still eligible for the same opportunities and career advancement options as your full-time coworkers.

Part-time telework – working from two places

Part-time telework allows you to fulfill many of your responsibilities from home. You follow a regular schedule, dividing your time between home and office. That means you can stay in touch with business procedures but also enjoy greater flexibility.

This is what we stand for

Why work for Bosch? Here’s why! Discover your eight reasons to work for us.

  1. Make your mark
  2. Shape tomorrow's world
  3. Find your place
  4. Balance your life

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