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Bosch in the USA


Pittsburgh at a glance

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  • Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering
  • BT Cloud Based Services
  • Corporate IT Advanced Development

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Functional areas

  • Research and Technology Center North America
  • Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence

Bosch in Pittsburgh

The Research and Technology Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, focuses on investigating new and existing Internet technologies and deploying them among the Bosch business units. The research focuses on software, deployment and integration of existing technologies in new application areas of relevance to various business areas of the Bosch Group. This also includes design, evaluation, and deployment of new security technologies and solutions supporting the vision of the Internet of Things.

Working at our location

Pittsburgh Bosch a quick pick-me-up
A quick pick-me-up: The work café is equipped with a kitchen, including dishes, refrigerators, microwave, and dishwasher. Fruit, bagels, coffee, and drinks are provided for associates. The café also offers several suitable areas for working, networking, and collaborating.
Encouraging office space
Encouraging office space: The office offers a variety of meeting spaces – from closed meeting rooms of different sizes to open collaboration areas.
Collaboration: The winter garden is a recreational area with lots of natural light for associates to enjoy. It can be used for a game of ping-pong, but also for collaborating. Associates can also use it for informal workshops.

Our technical working environment

Audio Analytics

Audio Analytics

The audio analytics team conducts applied artificial intelligence (AI) research for understanding environmental events, scenes, and contexts using audio signals. This includes audio analytics software capabilities for physical security, consumer devices and mobility solutions.

Smart Campus

Smart Campus

Smart Campus activities include indoor localization technologies for retail analytics. One focus is augmented retail analytics service beyond cameras.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy

Some of the security and privacy activities include searchable encrypted storage, SPECS (multi-party computation infrastructure development), and MEMS-PUFs (MEMS-based cryptographic key storage).

Location benefits

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We have on-site parking available for our employees.

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Health and sport

We offer a wide range of corporate sports activities and health provision.

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Employee discounts

Bosch employees profit from various discounts.

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Traffic and transport

The location is well connected to public transport.

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Room for creativity

Our working environment offers work spaces that enhance creativity.

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Urban infrastructure

The location is situated in an urban environment.

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Rural surroundings

Enjoy the recreational opportunities offered by the natural environs close by.

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Flexible and mobile work

We offer flexible work (time) models.