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Sunnyvale at a glance

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  • Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering
  • Car Multimedia
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Bosch Sensortec
  • Bosch Venture Capital
  • Bosch Engineering
  • BSH Home Appliances
  • ETAS
  • Powertrain Solutions
  • Chassis Controls

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Functional areas

  • Research and Technology Center North America
  • Bosch Center for Artificial Intelligence
  • Automotive Sales West Coast

Bosch in Sunnyvale

More space and more attractive working conditions for innovative research, development, trend scouting, and venture capital: in 2018, Bosch moved to a larger location in Silicon Valley, opening a new Research and Technology Center (RTC) in Sunnyvale, California. The RTC was previously located in Palo Alto, California, roughly 15 kilometers (9 miles) to the west. The cost of the new location amounts to 36 million euros (40 million dollars). “We have had a presence here for nearly 20 years. Moving forward, the new offices will help us keep our finger on the pulse of Silicon Valley, thanks also to our excellent connections to the local research community and local businesses,” said Mike Mansuetti, president of Bosch in North America, at the grand opening of the new RTC. The facility brings together 200 associates under one roof for the first time. Covering almost 10,000 square meters (108,000 square feet), the new location offers 40 percent more space in total and room for up to 300 associates.

"From basic research to market-ready solutions, as part of Bosch’s international research network, our associates in Silicon Valley have laid the foundation for innovative products and solutions in areas such as sensor technology and automated and connected vehicle systems,” said Hauke Schmidt, head of the Bosch Research and Technology Center.

Working at our location

Sunnyvale Bosch working location
Next generation workplace: A modern and attractive digital workplace – this is what next generation workplace (NGW) workplace stands for. NGW supports modern ways of communication and collaboration, no matter if locally or in international teams.
Open and collaborative spaces Bosch Sunnyvale
Open and collaborative spaces: Designed to balance personal effectiveness and communication in teams, as well as collaboration and the sharing of information.
A quick pick-me-up Bosch Sunnyvale
A quick pick-me-up: Complimentary healthy snacks and beverages are available at select locations.
Old meets new Bosch Sunnyvale
Old meets new! Design touches bring together our heritage in spaces oriented to working on our future.

Our technical working environment

Human–Machine Interaction (HMI) Robotics Lab

Human–Machine Interaction (HMI) Robotics Lab Sunnyvale Bosch

Toward human-robot collaboration

One of the enabling technologies to make the collaboration between humans and robots meaningful is the capability to physically interact. As part of global human–machine interaction (HMI) research, we are focusing on making robots capable of interacting safely and precisely with humans to seamlessly integrate them into a daily routine. To facilitate the R&D, the HMI Robotics lab is equipped with several advanced robots and simulation systems, a variety of sensing devices, including state-of-the-art motion capture systems, and various testing environments. The picture shows an example of our scientists working on advanced manipulation for manufacturing applications.

Human–Machine Interaction (HMI)

Human–Machine Interaction (HMI)  Bosch Sunnyvale

Intuitive, interactive, and intelligent

The Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) Lab provides an inspiring environment for associates to develop intuitive, interactive, and intelligent HMI solutions for future Bosch products and services. The HMI teams work in the fields of visual computing, language and audio computing, conversational artificial intelligence (AI), human–robot interaction, etc., with applications in Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), smart homes, autonomous driving, robotics, security, and car infotainment. To facilitate R&D and testing of new ideas, the HMI lab is designed with two different areas. One area mimics a smart home environment with connected devices and appliances, while the other area is kept more versatile for discussions, workshops, user studies, etc. The picture shows our scientists discussing the latest conversational AI prototype in the smart home area. The lab also serves as a showroom to demonstrate our HMI innovations to both internal and external guests.

Integrated Circuits (IC) Lab

Integrated Circuits (IC) Lab Bosch Sunnyvale

Mixed-signal integrated circuits design

This researcher is testing circuits that may become part of a driverless automobile. Others have developed novel image-processing techniques, CMOS magnetic field sensors, and electrical front ends for the various MEMS sensors developed at Bosch. Test instruments required for this work include signal generators, power supplies and meters, oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers, etc. Computers are used to direct and coordinate the test instruments and analyze the information that they collect. Dedicated workbenches are here for assembling tiny test circuits under the microscope. Laser specialists work in a light-isolated room.

Bioelectronics Group

Bioelectronics Group Bosch Sunnyvale

Electronics for biology/chemistry

The chemistry lab is home to the Bioelectronics Group at CR/RTC-NA. They work at the interface of biochemistry and electronics with the ultimate goal of improving and enabling molecular diagnostics through electronic integration. To facilitate this, the group has an interdisciplinary approach that includes electronics, microfabrication, organic synthetic chemistry, electrochemistry, surface chemistry, biochemistry, and more. The picture shows the instrumentation and processes required to generate novel electrochemical molecules to enable our electronic biosensor devices.  The lab gives us the freedom to work on innovative technologies in a state-of-the-art facility.

MEMS Testing & Analysis Lab

MEMS Testing & Analysis Lab Bosch Sunnyvale

A variety of equipment for sample evaluation

The MEMS lab has the capability for automated electrical probing, temperature and humidity environmental test chamber, precision 3D printer, chip wire bonder, digital microscope, visible light and infrared microscope, vacuum chamber, table top SEM, vacuum bagger, ultrasonic cleaning bath, high resolution field emission SEM, sputter coater for SEM sample preparation and EDS elemental analysis.

Insights into our location

Location benefits

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Benefits and services

We offer on-site EV charging, game rooms, wellness rooms and pool cars.

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We have on-site parking available for our employees.

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Health and sport

We offer a wide range of corporate sports activities and health provision.

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We offer breakfast items and healthy snacks and beverages.

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Employee discounts

Bosch employees profit from various discounts.

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Traffic and transport

The location is well connected to public transport.

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Room for creativity

Our working environment offers work spaces that enhance creativity.

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Urban infrastructure

The location is situated in an urban environment.

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Flexible and mobile work

We offer flexible work (time) models.