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Bosch in the USA

Work #LikeABosch

Bosch careers in the USA

Two associates are sitting on one desk in front of their monitors in a pair programming situation and clink cups.

Work #LikeABosch

At Bosch, we care. For you, our business, and our environment. Our promise to our associates is rock-solid: we grow together, we enjoy our work, and we inspire each other. Join in and feel the difference.

What Work #LikeABosch stands for

Find out how to grow, enjoy and inspire with Bosch.

A woman sits in a homework environment and smiles at the camera.

The Boomerang Effect: What makes associates find their way back to Bosch?

When someone leaves Bosch and comes back, we call them a "boomerang associate." Listen to employee journeys from Mike Bowerman, Senior Systems Engineer, Shweta Hegde, Software Quality Analyst, and Brad Ryken, Principal Software Engineer to learn why they felt compelled to return to Bosch.

A woman sits in a homework environment and smiles at the camera.

Why Bosch? Learn and grow when you move from another industry into mobility

Eager to help shape the future of mobility? If you are interested in mobility but currently work in another industry, as long as you are willing to learn and grow, you can make the switch. Learn how Senior Design Engineer Joel Ball, Associate Calibration Engineer Robert Webster, and Technical Expert Alok Tijoriwala have stepped into the mobility industry from another and were able both to leverage their prior experience and learn mobility-specific knowledge on the job.

A woman sits in a homework environment and smiles at the camera.

Smart Work at Bosch

Your office is where you are: With Remote Working, you shape your workday flexibly.

Tailor-made programs, diverse perspectives

No matter what phase of your career you’re in, we know you can find the right opportunity with us.

Together we can achieve more

For professionals

Where your experience has a future. Whether in the field of the Internet of Things, e-mobility, or sustainable buildings — at Bosch, you are part of innovative solutions that promote the quality of human life. We offer a variety of functional areas with opportunities worldwide, flexible time models and provide all the support you need to develop your knowledge further with extensive training and development programs.

Start your career

For graduates

Start your career with us. You’ve successfully completed your degree and are looking for a challenging position. With our Junior Managers Rotational Development Program you will rotate through three domestic and one international rotation – letting you experience the breadth of opportunities, functions, and locations that we have to offer.

Shape the future with us

For students

Lay the foundation of tomorrow. As a student, you’re preparing for a bright future and a successful career. With an internship at Bosch you’ll get hands on experience on projects where you can leave a lasting impact. Join us for an internship or co-op program, and explore all the possibilities that await.

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A diverse group is holding scarves with the inscription “Join the Team” in the air and is pointing to an empty office chair.

Work #LikeABosch — Apply now

Bosch is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, veteran status, genetic information, or any other protected class.

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