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Bosch in the USA

Bosch Builds Community

Bosch seeks long-lasting solutions to make the community a better place

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Our legacy, commitment and approach

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The Bosch Community Fund

The Bosch Community Fund, the corporate foundation for Bosch in North America was established in 2011 to provide community engagement and philanthropic support on behalf of our company. The Fund focuses on the enrichment of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and advancing environmental sustainability initiatives. We partner with 501(c)(3) organizations and educational institutions across the country to provide quality project-based learning hands-on learning opportunities for students and professional development for teachers.

Bosch Community Fund strategy

Focus areas

STEM* education

Support the talent pipeline and address the science knowledge gap.

Grants include support for project-based curriculum for kindergarten through post-secondary education in science, technology, engineering and math. Investments include STEM related content in nontraditional fields such as robotics, coding and Career Technical Education training.

eco + STEM

Support environmental education.

Grants include support for environmental stewardship and project-based education such as water quality testing, energy usage, recycling and other sustainability and environmental curriculum.

Environmental sustainability

Support the conservation and restoration of natural resources.

Grants include support for environmental, conservation and restoration projects such as coastal cleanups, shoreline restoration, nature trail development and pollinator gardens.

Priorities: Teacher Supports & Efficacy, Hands-On/Project Based Learning, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability

Where we work

The Bosch Community Fund drives Bosch’s charitable efforts to make a tangible impact in local Bosch site communities throughout the U.S. in 39 locations.

A location map of the United States with pins showing the approximate placement of 39 Bosch locations. The location names are omitted.

Bosch Community Fund facts

The Bosch Community Fund awards up to $5 million a year in grants and has invested over $34 million since its establishment in 2011.


For the Bosch Group, sustainability means securing the company’s long-term success while at the same time protecting the natural environment for future generations. We aim to make renewable energy more affordable and mobility even safer, cleaner, and more economical, and to develop eco-friendly products across the board.