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Bosch in the USA

Software Development

With a software career at Bosch, you’ll always find exciting projects and advancement opportunities complemented with competitive compensation and attractive benefits that enable you to Work #LikeABosch.

Two associates are sitting on one desk in front of their monitors in a pair programming situation and clink cups.

Code smart, play hard.

If you've ever used a smartphone, driven a car, run a dishwasher, or handled a power tool, chances are you've come in contact with Bosch products, systems and service solutions.

We are hiring technical talent throughout many of our divisions at Bosch. You’ll join a diverse group of driven professionals from all over the globe, passionate and committed to shaping tomorrow.

What else can you expect?

An attractive base salary, challenging and rewarding work, autonomy and entrepreneurship, training and development, encouraged growth and learning, career advancement opportunities, supportive work environments, our Smart Work flexible working policy, and a commitment to values and social responsibility.

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Does shaping tomorrow with Bosch to improve the quality of life worldwide excite you? Work #LikeABosch.

What Work #LikeABosch stands for

Find out how to grow, enjoy and inspire with Bosch.

What is it like to be a Software Engineer at Bosch?

Alec Rager headshot

Alec Rager, Software Engineer

“While Bosch is historically a manufacturing company, it is separating itself from other automotive companies in thinking about it’s software as it’s primary intellectual property. There has been rapid change and growth toward that ideal. It’s present in how we organize our teams and our work. The software we write is valued and resources are allocated appropriately, which motivates me to write more. My colleagues have formed a social structure rooted in teaching and helping one another grow. Fostering that sense of community has provided more software development training than any structured presentation could.”

Rachel Chen hiking

Xuelei “Rachel” Chen, Software Engineer

“Bosch is one of the biggest automotive suppliers and develops cutting-edge technology in a lot of fields. I am motivated by our diverse working environment. I have so many opportunities to learn from associates all over the world, which improves both my communication and organizational skills. Further, the Smart Work flexible working policy makes my work-life more balanced, and my work more economical and efficient.”

Dillon Kesto climbing a tree

Dillon Kesto, Software Engineer

“At Bosch, I’m surrounded by talented engineers who work together and learn from each other to produce awesome software. Many associates are interested in becoming better programmers and software engineers, so I’m involved a Code Dojo – where a group of us practice algorithms every week. Bosch also offers access to LinkedIn Learning, where I take online classes, and I’ve been able to get software specific books to continue to learn. Bosch has so many opportunities both domestic and international, great benefits, and work-life balance. With the new Smart Work policy, I’m able to spend more time with my family, eat healthier, get more sleep, be more productive at work, and still see colleagues at the office when needed.”

Carol Diaz Servin hiking

Carol Diaz Servin, Software Engineer

“The rotational development program allowed me to work in various software groups: testing, architecture, manufacturing. Working in software at Bosch is very collaborative. There is not a day that goes by where I’m not talking to my colleagues about my projects and addressing questions. With the Bosch Smart Work policy, I’m able to fill my time with other activities that enhance my life such as volunteering with SWE and at the cat shelter, meeting new people, getting outdoors, and spending time with my family.”

Karia climbing a mountain

Amit Karia, Senior Software Project Lead

"Excellence is not a destination, it is a continuous journey that never ends. Bosch has provided me endless training to enhance my technical and management experience. At Bosch, software is shaping the way systems are designed for the future. Bosch acknowledges as we head toward electrification, autonomous driving, and connectedness, software is an important role. Bosch fosters diversity, cross-functional collaboration, and different perspectives which supports better and more sustainable solutions. Working with such a culturally rich company is a privilege and keeps me rooted in the Bosch core values."

Grace Fiscelli golfing

Grace Fiscelli, Associate Software Engineer

“Working software at Bosch is engaging and rewarding. The opportunity to work and collaborate with teammates all over the world is amazing. I love the process of developing applications from the ground up, and the satisfaction of seeing a final working product. I am trusted with exciting opportunities, and have endless support from my talented colleagues.”

Moses Thompson

Moses Thompson, Software Engineer

"My work in software is rewarding. My projects challenge me personally, and provide an opportunity to learn from other engineers. I enjoy visiting customer sites to see first-hand how Bosch module(s) integrate with other vehicle ECUs, which gives us insight to help resolve issues. The project I lead involves writing software that depends on an operating system, which has helped me identify the key differences in writing software with and without an operating system. The on-the-job training has strengthened my ability to write software in both environments.”

Robert Bratten

Robert Bratten, Senior Software Engineer

“Working in software at Bosch is challenging and rewarding. Not only do you need an understanding of how the software works on an algorithmic level, you also have to understand the hardware system. In addition, you must think about how to keep things safe. Being able to drive the vehicle, feel the performance, and adjust the parameters until it’s performing perfectly is very gratifying. At Bosch, I’ve been able to experience many forms of software development, hand-code vs model-based generated, and just about every application. Having that breadth of experience has made me a much better developer, and teacher. I understand the intricacies of the two practices, how they go together, and knowing one makes you better at the other.”

Why Bosch?

A diverse group is holding scarves with the inscription “Join the Team” in the air and is pointing to an empty office chair.

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