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Bosch in the USA

Fields of work

Discover a variety of job possibilities — find your place in one of our many focus areas, business sectors and worldwide locations.

A perfect fit for everyone: our focus areas

Bosch is one of the leading companies worldwide in the field of the Internet of Things. Discover the areas where we strive to bring forward pioneering innovations.



At the Corporate Sector Division Research and Advance Engineering, you can see how your ideas have a direct effect on products. Help find innovative solutions for companies and customers that simultaneously make a difference in terms of efficiency, quality, and reliability. At our research center in Pittsburgh for example, you will find the perfect equipment to search for new ideas and bring forward our innovative power.

Future of Mobility Engineering

Future of Mobility

The demands on electric and electronic systems (E/E systems) in modern vehicles are rising steadily. As the number of systems in the on-board network continues to grow, the increasing exchange of data through vehicle connectivity must also be managed reliably.

At Bosch Engineering, you will bring forward new mobility solutions and contribute to the powertrain's efficiency and the comfort of today’s vehicles.

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

When artificial intelligence (AI) meets connected products (IoT), the result is countless new possibilities — at home, at work, and on the road. This is why we’ve set our sights on this key technology. At Bosch, almost every second position deals with software and the way we could improve and further develop it.

You can join us in bringing the Artificial Intelligence of Things forward, make people’s lives better, and establish completely new technologies.

Two people are in a lab — one at a laptop, the other between a robot and its digital twin.

Industry 4.0

With our Industry 4.0 solutions for connected manufacturing, we optimize production and logistics processes. We develop solutions to make machines communicate with each other and thus speed up production and improve safety at the same time. By collecting, visualizing, and analyzing machine, process, and sensor data, you can help us offer a whole new world of opportunities for companies.


Bosch Global Business Services

We rely on digitalization and automation in our improvement process in order to make room for what is really important to our customers. Whether it is customer satisfaction or personalized services and products, we strive at Bosch Global Business Services to help our customers become more efficient and make Bosch a leading AIoT company in the world.

Our functional areas for engineering, software and IT

From application engineering and manufacturing to Hardware, IT and Software — Join us in turning visions of the future into meaningful technology that is “Invented for life.”

In application engineering, you will be responsible for setting up hardware and software for internal-combustion engines, ensuring, for example, that specified performance and emission targets are met. Your duties will include commissioning and optimizing electronic engine management systems, setting up software parameters in control units, testing prototypes, and building and commissioning engine test stands. You will liaise closely with related departments, such as software and component development, with our plants and with our testing area. In addition, you will maintain contact with our sales people — and with customers: for instance, during presentations.

In manufacturing, you will plan and optimize the manufacture of our products in one of our plants. Working in simultaneous engineering teams developing competitive new products, you will at all times be focused on quality, costs, and customers. You will develop new processes with related departments, such as product and process development and purchasing. As a planner, you will design manufacturing processes in accordance with quality management guidelines and, together with logistics, develop the optimum manufacturing sequence for our products. You will procure new machinery and equipment, at the same time ensuring that the required machines are ready for operation. During production, you will analyze and optimize existing manufacturing technologies and processes.

In hardware development, you will determine the function, design, and specifications of electronic components. You will develop prototypes, modules, and platforms using layout simulations. In addition to designing control units, as well as analogue and digital circuits, you will generate solutions for specific customer requirements. You will not only develop components, but also test them. Your function will entail liaising closely with many areas, from application engineering and manufacturing to research and development, and sales.

In information technology, you will work at the interface between electrical engineering, computer science, and business. You will develop information and data processing systems and deal with the corresponding software and hardware. Your duties will include designing IT solutions tailored to customers’ individual needs and preparing strategies for coordinating IT systems across different divisions. You will work closely with the controlling, finance, data protection, and information security divisions, as well as with internal auditing. You will also collaborate with sales to acquire new projects. In addition to analyzing function and interface requirements for data and information processing, you will play an active role in operations management.

In this area, you will develop and program software for various aspects of our products’ functions. Working in harness with areas such as computer technology, application engineering, hardware development, and technical sales, you will draw up requirements analyses and develop user-specific solutions. Your duties will include simulating and modelling software architectures, as well as handling their development and design. In addition to implementing and integrating software in electronic systems, you will validate and verify software and conduct quality checks.

Our functional areas for business

From accounting and logistics to marketing and sales – there are many doors open to you. Discover all working possibilities at Bosch.

In the management and financial accounting departments, your job will be to ensure that the management team has all the necessary information needed to make informed business decisions. In the financial accounting team, you will ensure that the Financial Statements published conform to the appropriate accounting rules and regulations.

In management accounting, you will be involved in the monthly preparation of management accounts, including profit and loss, as well as balance sheet statements, in compiling the annual budget plan spanning two years, and in ensuring that forecasts are updated quarterly to reflect any changes in the business performance. You will also prepare monthly management reports and present them to other management teams. The reports should explain deviations to budget/forecasted results, identify risks and opportunities for each division/plant or department, and ensure that corrective action is taken when necessary. This way, we maximize opportunities and mitigate any risks.

In financial accounting, one of your key responsibilities will be the filing of the required statutory accounts and managing the year-end audit process. Other duties include the management of the general ledger, accounts payable, balance sheets, and providing support to internal customers on topics such as internal controls and fixed asset management.

In Purchasing, you will always be on the lookout for the most reliable suppliers, the highest quality, and the best prices – in both national and international markets. This applies to raw materials, parts, components, and consumables for the manufacture of our products, as well as for machinery, products, and services such as IT equipment and service level agreements. Core duties will include monitoring the quality of goods, conducting approval tests, auditing processes, and optimizing supply chains. Other important aspects include finding reliable suppliers in new emerging markets and developing preferred suppliers. You will optimize the quality and efficiency of all deliveries and resolve any problems that may arise with suppliers. You will liaise closely with internal departments and negotiate skilfully. You will also handle operational and strategic functions, such as consolidating purchasing volumes for certain categories of goods across the company to obtain better prices. and resolve any problems that may arise with suppliers.

In research and development, you will work at the very heart of our success, creating the foundations for our innovative products, developing new technologies, and securing the leading position of our company for the long term. Depending on your field and specialism, you will work in one of our development departments of a particular division. A wide variety of fields are open to you, including new production and alternative drive technologies, photovoltaic systems, and battery materials, as well as fluid mechanics and power electronics, high-frequency technology, and 3-D design – just a handful of technical and natural science fields, in which we deliver cutting-edge work. What you can definitely expect is a state-of-the-art working environment. Your work will involve liaising closely with related departments, as well as with external research facilities and our customers’ development departments.

Here, you will design technical products, testing equipment, and complete manufacturing facilities according to the specifications of our internal development or manufacturing units and those of our customers. This extends from the detailed configuration of individual micro-components as part of product development to the complete design of production equipment in the area of special-purpose machinery. During the simultaneous engineering process, you will integrate all specified functions and manufacturing aspects into the final design. You will work closely with other departments (development, manufacturing, purchasing, construction of special-purpose machinery, etc.) to produce a solid design that meets all quality, cost, and time requirements.

In logistics, you will be responsible for ensuring that the flow of goods, materials, and information runs as it should, both within the company and at all interfaces with subsidiaries, customers, and suppliers. You will, for example, plan the supply of raw materials to manufacturing and ensure that stock levels are sufficient but not excessive. Or you might coordinate the shipment of products to customers, and manage and design complete supply chains. Your work will include developing IT-based strategies for procurement, transportation, inventory management, and manufacturing — at all times liaising with various internal contacts, customers, and service providers.

In marketing, you will work together with other functional areas, drawing up effective strategies for developing and marketing products or services. Knowing that your decisions are key to the way different target groups perceive our brands, you will actively analyze new fields of business and develop optimal pricing strategies, closely examining purchase barriers and devising measures to overcome them. In short, your role will be vital in ensuring that customers and their expectations are at the center of everything we do.

In human resources, you will be responsible for ensuring that we find and retain the right people, as well as for developing their personal and professional skills. Your work may be either operational or strategic in nature. For instance, you could be involved in dealing with organizational questions, drawing up contracts, or determining compensation. Or you might also work in organizational development and support change processes. You will become a competent advisor on all HR issues, working closely with public authorities, works councils, colleges and universities, and service providers, as well as with our corporate sectors, specialist departments, and works units.

In quality management, it will be your job to ensure that our products earn the name Bosch. You will liaise with many departments — from development, design, and manufacturing to logistics, purchasing, and sales. You will also maintain contacts with customers and suppliers, advising them on quality issues and guaranteeing compliance with quality standards. You will, for example, also inspect and test goods and products using recognized quality methods. Conducting audits — both internally and at suppliers – will be another important aspect of your job. You will analyze systems and processes in terms of their quality capability and evaluate the results in reports.

In a sales role, you will be at the vital interface with our customers. In general, you will build up long-term relationships with these customers. Your contacts will be from the areas of purchasing, development, project management, and quality assurance. In addition to providing technical and commercial advice on existing projects, you will also target and tap new business. Further core functions include developing sales strategies in your team, as well as taking responsibility for price and quality management for specific products, systems, or services. In all your duties, you will liaise closely with other specialist departments — from controlling, purchasing, and marketing to R&D and management. You will also negotiate resources and pricing in the interest of your customers.

In corporate communications and PR, you will play an important role in defining the image of the company — both internally and externally. You will, for example, provide associates with the latest information and communicate various strategic issues. Externally, you will cultivate a positive image for the company. You will ensure consistent, informative communication, with measures ranging from flyers to websites. You will keep the media informed of important news, set up networks, and establish trusting relationships with customers, business partners, and journalists. Working closely with management and various corporate departments, you will coordinate the work of service providers, such as agencies, authors, and printers.

Four business sectors, one objective: creating the future

Bosch is a leading technology and service company. Discover the areas where you can establish new technical milestones.

One global company, many ways of working, and areas to explore.

Our areas of activity are every bit as diverse as our outstanding Bosch teams around the world. Their creativity is the key to innovation through connected living, mobility or industry. Our responsibility goes far beyond business. We’re independent of stock markets and bound to the purpose of the Robert Bosch Foundation; our success directly benefits society, the environment, and future generations.

Bosch at a glance

Sales revenue, associates, locations — key figures and brands at a glance
(figures as of December 31, 2021 | values rounded)


associates worldwide


billion euros sales revenue


researchers and developers worldwide


subsidiaries and regional companies in some 60 countries


billion euros EBIT from operations


billion euros on research and development

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Worldwide job opportunities

Since Bosch is a global brand, you have the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Discover our job openings worldwide and find the job that perfectly fits you.

A diverse group is holding scarves with the inscription “Join the Team” in the air and is pointing to an empty office chair.

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