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Bosch in the USA

Learning and Development

Learning and Development

Learning and Development at Bosch

Learning is constant and paramount to Bosch’s success and OUR success. By learning, we’re not just talking about “training.” We’re talking about whatever learning method is best for you when you need to learn. Bosch embraces all the ways we learn - formally and informally. Whether it’s visual or audio, online or in person, in a classroom or by yourself, whatever way works for you. We are reimagining, reinventing, redefining, and always learning.



See what our associates have to say about learning and development at Bosch.

“I consider myself a social learner as I enjoy engaging with other associates to learn. I recently had a cross-functional learning opportunity to work with another team to expand my understanding of our business. Bosch recognizes how diverse we are as learners and provides us with different types of tools to make learning faster and more flexible.”

Ana Pinzon
Ana Pinzon - Senior HR Specialist, Associate Development
Richard Beal
Richard Beal - Sales Manager, Car Multimedia

“Bosch empowers me to learn in many ways via online training, offsite sessions, mentorship programs, and continued education. Additionally, Bosch fully supports cross-functional assignments which aids in learning.  I have personally been the beneficiary of such learning experiences. I started at Bosch in Finance and have worked in Central Sales, and now Divisional Sales.  All great learning experiences.”

“For six months, I was given the opportunity to work on automation projects for a department outside my own. This allowed me to utilize new skills to develop further competence, all while aligning with business needs.”

Jeff Jakinovich
Jeff Jakinovich - Senior HR Specialist, Business Improvement
Katie Hong
Katie Hong - IT Director, Power Train Solutions

“Bosch offers so many channels for learning. Whenever or whatever my associates need - technical or developmental. One of my recent learning experiences was an eLearning University course about “Automation Anywhere”. I enjoy any form of learning, and eLearning gives me flexibility in time and place.”

“Bosch encourages and empowers me to lead, and with leadership comes preparation and training. We recently rolled out a new method to complete complex tasks. It was inviting, energetic, and expanded my knowledge. My favorite method to learn is through hands-on experience. I love to be a part of demonstrations and dive into various topics related to my current role.”

Tiara Ginyard
Tiara Ginyard - Associate Sales Controlling Analyst
Lester Marks
Lester Marks - Engineering Technician

“Bosch empowers its associates to learn by offering different forms of training material such as online courses, mentor programs, seminars and the opportunity to join different groups to learn from cross-functional experiences. My favorite ways to learn are visually and hands-on. I have found I benefit a lot from seeing and performing a task alongside a professional.”

Our First Learning Leader

Here is a story from the industrial revolution about a young and inspiring personality, Robert Bosch. He learned a classical craftsmanship and was efficient and curious. He wanted to found a start-up, so he crossed the ocean by ship to spend a year working and learning in New York City. He gained experience at big players in the industry, including Edison Machine Works.

With a wealth of new experiences he returned to Germany, founded his own start up, and the rest is history. Robert Bosch was the first learning leader of our company. There’s a Bosch inside each of us. Discover the learning leader inside you.

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