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Bosch in the USA
Taking a collaborative approach

Bosch Community Fund – Ten years of giving

Collage of people working with the community fund

"Do nothing about me without me"

The Bosch Community Fund has been providing support to nonprofit organizations and teachers in North America for the past 10 years. A motto of the Fund is “Do nothing about me without me,” which is based on an approach utilized by the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations. This foundational concept means the Fund doesn’t take a prescriptive approach to its investments, but rather listens to organizations’ needs and partners with them to help meet those needs.

The Fund prioritizes teacher support and efficacy, hands-on and project-based learning, equity, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability and is dedicated to providing teachers, students, and local communities the tools they need to create exceptional learning experiences and implement innovative approaches to education.

Over the last decade, the Fund has awarded grants focused on the enrichment of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, the advancement of environmental sustainability initiatives, and eco+STEM, a cross section of the two. Highlights in each of the Fund’s focus areas are below.

The Funds’ signature program, Bosch eco+STEM Teacher (BEST) grants advance sustainability and STEM education in ways that inspire, excite, and engage. The program supports innovative inquiry-based learning experiences by awarding grants of up to $2,000 to preschool-grade 12 educators. BEST grantees have access to professional learning opportunities and a network of driven and like-minded colleagues.

Since it began providing funding in 2012, the Bosch Community Fund has made 1,615 grants to over 250 organizations, plus 466 BEST grants equating to over $36 million dollars to date. Nearly 200,000 students and more than 4,000 teachers across North America were positively impacted in 2021 alone by the Fund's investments.

Grant Recipient Highlights

Community Fund worker planting atree


The Bosch Community Fund provides eco+STEM support to Canopy, a nonprofit organization located in Palo Alto, CA that prioritizes tree planting and environmental stewardship, education, and advocacy in communities that lack a thriving urban forest. “Bosch Community Fund’s support for Canopy’s “Healthy Trees, Healthy Kids!” initiative is bringing nature into schools and neighborhoods that need trees the most. There’s nothing like seeing a student’s pride and excitement after planting their first tree,” said Catherine Martinuea, Canopy Executive Director.

Through their efforts, Canopy sparks students’ interest in environmental science and stewardship activities that transform nature-deprived schools and neighborhoods into climate resilient landscapes – one tree at a time.

Girl working with a power tool

STEM Education

Located in Manchester, NH, Girls at Work empowers girls to overcome adversity and build the confidence needed to face current and future life challenges by using power tools. In this supportive environment, participants gain a sense of accomplishment doing something new and exciting that lasts well beyond building a project. Girls at Work Founder Elaine Hamel said, “With this support, we’re able to build the curriculum so that we can give girls a sense of empowerment when they pick up a power tool.”

Coastal Federation workers cleaning the coastal waters

Environmental Sustainability

The North Carolina Coastal Federation helps restore miles of the state’s coastline, and educates students, adults, and communities to take actions that result in cleaner coastal waters. The organization’s oyster shell recycling program provides oyster shell recycling education and outreach in the community. Due to these efforts, the area's water quality has improved, and fish habitats have increased.

"The Bosch Community Fund provided pivotal support for the Coastal Federation's efforts to support healthy oyster populations and environmental education. Working together with the Coastal Environmental Partnership, the Coastal Federation is enabling people to recycle oyster shells to build new oyster reefs, while also providing hands-on learning opportunities for local students,” said Rachel Bisesi, Coastal Education Coordinator at the North Carolina Coastal Federation.

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The Bosch Community Fund has been providing grants to organizations in Bosch site communities for a decade. The Fund takes collaborative approach to maximize impact with its funding, supporting STEM education, environmental sustainability and eco+STEM.

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