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Bosch in the USA
One Woman’s Journey

Being a Part of the Solution

Mariana Eichel standing in front of a parking lot

Mariana Eichel has journeyed around the world in her career and found a consistent problem: Parking. Mariana's journey has led her to be part of the solution to reducing parking issues while making our cities and lives better.

"Where I grew up in Brazil and most other places I’ve been around the world, parking is a hassle, time-consuming, sometimes unsafe, and is responsible for a third of traffic congestion.”
Mariana Eichel
Marina Eichel in a meeting

As the project manager and technical lead for Bosch automated valet parking in North America, Mariana led a demonstration in Los Angeles to showcase automated valet parking in action with Mercedes-Benz and its new highly connected EQS electric vehicle.

"Automated valet parking is the first fully automated infrastructure-based driverless parking system available. This solution handles the entire parking process. It’s easy, intelligent and safe. Many late-model vehicles already have the technology needed for automated valet parking,"
says Mariana.

Automated valet parking:

AVP sequences

Her journey to this moment began the year she was born when her father was hired by Bosch.

Her 20± year career with Bosch began at the age of 14 when Mariana was one of 500 applicants chosen for 15 positions in the Bosch Apprenticeship Program in Brazil. She was one of two women selected to participate in the program.

Mariana Eichel in family photos
"I never had a problem being a woman in what at the time was a predominately male environment. It helped to have three older brothers, so it was normal for me. I have always felt comfortable."
Mariana Eichel

At Bosch, Mariana has advanced through several engineering positions and worked on other connected solutions such as the Perfectly keyless vehicle access system and cybersecurity.

Mariana Eichel with two coworkers

With this project, I have the opportunity to not only work with carmakers but also architects, developers, and cities to create a better mobility ecosystem.” Automated valet parking could also be an enabler for electric vehicles by making charging more efficient as well as reimagining how our cities are designed.

“We’re bringing our proficiency in the mobility sector and combining it with our building technologies expertise with cameras to connect vehicles to the infrastructure and develop smart solutions such as this,” Mariana points out.

Automated valet parking has other potential applications such as for logistical distribution centers, car rental agencies, airports, and automotive manufacturing operations.

As with her journey, there have been challenges and frustrations managing a breakthrough technology.

“I’m always looking at the positive side of it. What am I learning? It's my curiosity and the desire to learn new things that have gotten me to where I am today.”

“Now, almost 23 years after joining Bosch as an apprentice, I’m here in Los Angeles working on a very exciting project. I look back and see everything I’ve been through, the people I have worked with, the mentors and those that encouraged me that got me to where I am today.”

Mariana and her family

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