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Bosch in the USA
Digital Transformation

Working in the cloud to improve your life

Pablo Ferreyra portrait

Pablo Ferreyra has always believed we're here on earth to make an impact. His dream is to create something so big that the whole world will use it to increase sustainability and mitigate climate change.

To achieve this, he needed a place, "with a deep pool of capabilities and sustainability at its core." He found all of this with Bosch Thermotechnology.

"I was allowed to bring all of my experience, my passion for sustainability, and the mindset of an entrepreneur to this enterprise."
Pablo Ferreyra
Team surrounding Pablo Ferreyra

Thermotechnology’s core also includes comfort, cost, and ease of use for homeowners with ultra-efficient heating, cooling, and hot water systems.

Pablo’s North American team is bringing digital transformation and IoT to advance sustainability and customer benefits.

"It's constantly reinventing what we've been doing to be aligned with our customer's needs today and tomorrow."
Pablo Ferreyra

For example, Thermotechnology’s new IDS Premium Connected Heat Pumps have a best in market Seasonal Efficiency Energy Rating (SEER) saving people money by lowering energy usage. Heat pumps also dehumidify better than standard air conditioners and offer more cooling comfort and temperature control in the summertime.

Digital innovations to IDS will allow for easier installation, registration, and troubleshooting. Through the EasyAir app, homeowners get substantial control over their home comfort and energy usage. They can interact with their HVAC units, anytime and anywhere.

Thermotechnology’s new IDS Premium Connected Heat Pumps
“Digital Transformation is the radical adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies to drastically improve customer experiences.”
Pablo Ferreyra

Digital and IoT innovations improve a product's energy performance, reliability, and longevity, with lower operating costs, and enhanced digital experiences for homeowners.

With Digital Transformation we’re thinking about how we make 10x improvements, not just 10% improvements. It’s almost about revolution.”

"This is our vision of a smart home that caters to your comfort, reduces cost and environmental impact. It's a way for people to be sustainable and save money without having to think about it", says Pablo.

Pablo is truly a product of his environment. His parents are tech entrepreneurs and at an early age, he was exposed to how they viewed problems as opportunities and failure as a stepping stone to success.

Moving from Buenos Aries to the U.S. when he was three years old, his parents launched a digital health care company and from that, he became fascinated with what he calls, "the mystical nature of the cloud".

Pablo ferreyra using the app
Pablo Ferreyra's family photos
Pablo Ferreyra and a team member working on a project

Pablo has brought his entrepreneurial spirit, passion for sustainability, and determination to make an impact to what he does for Bosch.

"We've built this team of renegade challengers who see the status quo as a suggestion, not as the mandated truth. So, we're constantly pushing boundaries to see how innovative and game-changing we can be," Pablo says

"You must be naïve enough to think you can change the world. You can put your mind to it, work hard, and be relentless until you finally accomplish that change."

Want to learn how you can build a life-long career at Bosch like Pablo has?

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