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Making Big Data Meaningful

The Joys of a Self-Proclaimed Data Nerd

Making Big Data Meaningful

Data is a great enabler for making the modern-day products we buy. It gives manufacturers the ability to constantly improve processes to better serve customers.

But with millions and millions of bits of data coming from the manufacturing process and quality checks, how do you manage it all, and what do you do with it?

This is where someone like Sam Duchscherer comes in.

“I am a data nerd, because it’s exciting to take millions of data points and pull them together into something understandable, meaningful and usable,” Sam said.

“This allows us to fix problems fast and constantly advance our manufacturing processes."

Data is the Holy Grail of advanced manufacturing.

Sam Duchscherer

Sam combines mathematics, statistics and computer science as a data scientist at Bosch’s manufacturing facility in Anderson, South Carolina.

The Anderson facility produces automotive electronics and sensors. It has continually expanded its use of advanced technologies such as connectivity and data science to improve its processes.

Sam’s job is just one of the new job opportunities these technologies have created in manufacturing. These advancements also enhance the experience for associates working on manufacturing lines.

Photo collage of Bosch associate Sam Duchscherer

“What we're doing here at Anderson with highly complex multilayered processes, producing components with incredible precision and quality and taking it all to the next level with artificial intelligence and machine learning is stunning,” Sam says.

The consumer wins with the products they can buy. The people at Anderson win because data-driven insights and solutions save them time and effort so they can focus on other important things.

Sam wins because she loves data. Her passion is to use data to help everyone win.

That passion is what brought her to Bosch. After receiving her master’s degree in mathematics, Sam worked as a research associate at the world-renowned Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Among other things she applied data science to improve emergency preparedness, response and recovery missions.

As exciting as that opportunity was, she knew she needed something more immediate and intense.

“I wanted a more fast-paced environment. I wanted more challenges, different types of data, and to be able to present my work to a room full of people and make an impact right away. I wanted to see my work put into action and be able to walk away thinking, 'Wow! That’s so cool.'"

“That’s exactly what Bosch offered me and that’s why I’m here."

Bosch associate Sam Duchscherer at work
Photo of Bosch associates in a meeting room

My job allows me to do what I love which is to teach, learn and use data to make a difference.

Sam Duchscherer

Her love for all of this comes from childhood. “My parents exposed me to so many things through so many trips to so many places, trying different sports and emphasizing the joy of learning and reading.”

She has a competitive spirit which drove her to improve in math where she had struggled. She also played soccer throughout grade school and high school, but being a part of the team and supporting her teammates were more important to her than winning or her own performance.

Bosch associate Sam Duchscherer and her family
Bosch associate Sam Duchscherer with her pet dog

“I always wanted to be helpful. I am beyond grateful that I have learned how to help people use data and make it useful. That gives me satisfaction. It's so rewarding,” Sam says.

At the end of the day when I go home, I can say I made an impact.

Sam Duchscherer

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