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Bosch in the USA

Shaping the future

20 years of corporate research in North America

RTC 20yrs web feature reel

Developing technology

Sunnyvale Office

For 20 years in North America, Bosch Corporate Research has been shaping the technology of the future. Our locations in Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh were both founded in 1999 and have played a key role in the development of technology including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, human-machine interaction, automated driving systems, robotics, advanced circuits and sensors.

“SoundSee: Seeing potential repairs with sound”

Research areas and technical achievements

The North American Bosch Corporate Research team has been an integral part of essential research topics for Bosch, including:

Smart retail analytics

Computational fluid dynamics

World’s first artistic 3D map for navigation

MEMS sensors

Machine learning and sensors for space

RTC chemist

Meet the researchers

The Corporate Research team in North America is filled with experts across many different technical disciplines.

“Shape tomorrow's world: focus on the future”


woman work at microscope

The Silicon Valley and Pittsburgh sites have been involved in the local community during their history. This includes strong collaborations with local universities as well as local grants to support STEM-related activities.

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