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Impossible is Just an Opinion

A kitchen magnet on Uli Jaschek’s refrigerator serves as a daily reminder.

It reads, “Impossible is just an opinion.”

Uli is living proof of that.

Just about everything she has put her mind to, she has achieved because of her own opinion of what is possible for her.

She’s succeeded by being true to who she is and to make being the “different” person in the room an asset for her.

I never believed that as a woman I can't do this, or I can't do that. I was raised to believe anything you want to do you can do.

Uli Jaschek
Uli Jaschek

From working her way through college in Germany (including a job as a nightclub bouncer) to building a career in the U.S., to living in her dream city of Chicago and meeting the love of her life, Uli has thrived because this belief system.

Uli is now the CEO of Bosch Automotive Workshop Services which is an independent startup company within the Bosch Automotive Aftermarket group.

It’s a transformative concept in need of a transformative leader.

“We have the technology, knowledge, and tools to provide independent repair shops with the ability to keep up with current and future industry trends,” Uli says.

“Our goal is to modernize the standard repair shop and give our Bosch Auto Service franchise owners the ability to provide advanced automotive repair services that keep pace with current trends and accelerate in the technologically driven future.”

Such an innovative enterprise also requires an innovative team and leader.

“We have built a very diverse team of people. Each brings a different perspective from different experiences and therefore different views”, she says.

Uli Jaschek

We challenge each other so we get better results. We learn more together. It’s a huge success factor and it’s fun.

Uli Jaschek

To Uli, this is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in action and with results. She supports her team and listens to and respects their ideas and solutions.

She says DEI must be more than just a checkmark. It’s about enabling people at all levels to deliver all they have to offer by making them feel they’re being heard and respected.

“DEI is one of the most important things a company should focus on because if you get this right, you can do anything.”

Uli’s can do attitude and optimism came from her mother. Her business savvy came from her father.

Uli Jaschek

“My mother was a pediatric nurse and she taught me how to connect and care for people as well as my community. My dad was a businessman who showed me how to work hard and really put my mind to something,” she says.

Her mother also told her to never look down on anyone and never pretend to be someone you’re not.

That’s the advice she offers to others.

“Don't be intimidated because those you work with don't look or think like you. Use being different to your advantage. Know you have a right to be there. So really focus on your competence and your capability.” she says.

Uli Jaschek
Mural artist: Diosa (Jasmina Cazacu)

Bosch definitely supports this. We understand DEI is a crucial success factor, so we are really driving it forward.

Uli Jaschek

The inclusiveness she’s found at Bosch has been a success factor for Uli to reach where she is and where she’s going.

“A lot of people have seen something in me and that pushes me. I’m focusing on launching Bosch Auto Service and beyond that, who knows.

“I just want to continue learning and continue giving back”.

Whatever path she pursues, she will continue to follow the mantra on her refrigerator magnet. She encourages you to do the same.

Uli Jaschek
Mural artist: Diosa (Jasmina Cazacu)

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